Savings Guides

Reasons to Conserve Energy

With the changing of the global climates, home comfort is more important than ever and as we all know, with this comfort, comes a cost. We cannot just turn our thermostats up or down anymore. We must make our home's as "green" as possible, to stop losses through the energy shell. While saving money and increasing your families comfort, the home's "carbon footprint" can also be lessened. For these reasons we offer our Home Energy Savings Guide, "to HELP those who want to HELP themselves." This guide will walk you through areas of your home, that with a professional energy audit, you will find to be inefficient. The guide will show you cost effective investments in energy and measures to look for when an energy audit is done to your home. The most modern of technologies will be shown, including blower door testing and infrared scanning.

Another important reason to conserve home energy resources is Global Climate Change. In order to produce energy for our home, we product byproducts and one of the most devastating byproduct is Carbon Dioxide. Once this gas enters the upper atmosphere, it has a half life of 500 years. It has been proven that this is one of the main reasons that our seasons are having dramatic swings. 31.5 % of the Greenhouse gas production is said to come from residential energy use. By reducing home energy consumption, we can reduce Climate Change.

Low Cost Energy Improvements

There are numerous low cost energy items that you can purchase and be garanttee a direct payback. They include: Low-Flow Showerheads, Low- Flow Faucet Aerators, Hot Water Heater Insulation, Pipe Wrap for hot water, Plastic for your windows, Weatherstripping and Door Sweeps for your doors, Foam (sponge) for fixed windows with air conditioners, Filters for your heating/cooling system, Furnace Cleaning and Tuning, Water Dams for your toilet tank, Energy Efficient Light Bulbs (Even though you may feel strange paying over $30.00 for a LED light bulb... they last 20 years and may save over $500.00... they only use ~15 watts of power and give off much better light), etc... These are just a few low cost energy improvements, so you may want to contact your local hardware store for more ideas.